I-90 Elgin Ramp Modeling / UAV Services

Elgin Ohare I290 Aerial.jpg

Kapur was contacted by JudLau Construction with a concern at one of their projects which involved completion of a site survey of the Elgin O’Hare I-290 Interchange.  They had concerns over several spoil pits accumulating on site, and because of project sequencing, needed these areas surveyed for volume before the material was removed.

The imperative nature of the schedule and incredibly active site presented a good venue to show the strengths of what our UAV can do.  Kapur contacted our partner Drone2GIS to collect aerial data of this site to analyze excavation and material volumes.  Kapur provided the following services to finalize this UAV flight survey:

  • Site reconnaissance and flight plan creation
  • Obstructions included power lines, high tension lines, transmission towers, and bridges
  • Control (17 points)
  • Targets
  • Two flights
  •  287 photos
  • Orthography
  • Mapping

Upon the completion of the point cloud generation, we ran checks and found that the accuracy deviated no more than 0.10’ in the horizontal and 0.05’ in the vertical positions relative to the ground control points we placed.