louisville Ohio River Bridges


Kapur was hired by Walsh Construction to lead all survey services for the Ohio River Bridges (ORB) P3 Project in the Louisville Metro area. Kapur is responsible for control, staking, modeling, surface creation, data distribution, and quality control for the construction of 64 bridges surrounding the project.

Kapur created a complete 3D models and surfaces of all aspects of the project, from subsurface to super structure. Our ORB crew has done multiple 3rd party checks at the new Cable Stay bridge, and also checked control at the East End Tunnel as well.  Kapur also performed all of the initial bathymetric surveys in the Ohio River prior to construction of the Downtown Cable Stay Bridge and the East End Bridge. We also did all of the bathymetric surveys for the area Walsh needed to dredge for their laydown yard at the docks.

Our staff were called to the East End Tunnel to scan both NB and SB tunnels because of recent site changes due to blasting efforts. Kapur scanned both 1800’ long tunnels in a few days, and produced a new existing conditions plan to address these changes which resulted in areas of the site to be off several inches.

We have provided scanning for topography, UAV for volume checks, and CIM QA/QC services to assist Walsh Construction in keeping this project on schedule and on budget.