Jones Island Crane Controls


The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District (MMSD) has at the end of their Deep Tunnel a stationary crane that removes accumulated debris at a depth of 300 feet.  Associated with the crane are two 200 Horsepower Tunnel Exhaust Fans.  The environment in the area of this equipment is very harsh containing both H2S from the tunnel and salt dust from the Port of Milwaukee Salt Piles.  The equipment has also been in operation for more than 20 years and between the equipment’s age and the environment was badly in need of retrofit and replacement of the electrical and controls systems.  Kapur and Associates was contracted to provide electrical engineering services to inspect the electrical and controls system, make recommendations on what systems should be retrofitted or replaced, provide design services to prepare contract documents for the work recommended and provide construction services during the construction of the project.

Upon inspection of the cranethe control system power wiring and associated conduits were found to be in very bad condition with the salt dust having deteriorated the conduits and the H2S eating away the control and power wring connections.  It was determine that the entire control system, power wiring and conduits need replacement in order to maintain the operation of the crane.  The new modern control system of the crane will greatly aid the overall controlability of the crane which is currently very tricky because to the extreme depth of the tunnel that it is clearing. 

One of the exhaust fans was so badly mechanically damaged that it could no longer be operated but the functional fan was tested for flow and pressure.  It was determined that the 200 HP size was sufficient to meet the Owner’s needs.  The inspection did show that the age and environment would require replacement of the motors, motor starting equipment, associated power wiring and conduit.  Detailed plans and specifications are now being developed to produce contract documents for the construction of the recommended upgrades to the crane and exhaust fan systems.  Upon completion the work will be competitively bid and the engineering services during construction will be executed.