Zoo Interchange Lighting


Kapur & Associates provided freeway lighting design for five service interchange, one system interchange and seven miles of mainline freeway.  In addition, Kapur provided lighting design for 2 miles of local arterial roadway as a part of the Zoo Interchange.  This project included: STH 100, Watertown Plank Road, Glenview Avenue, Swan Blvd, and the large Core 1 and Core 2 let packages. 

The construction cost for the freeway lighting was over $6 million.  The design included over 122 miles of wiring, 1113 luminaires, and 17 power distribution centers.  The design also included the lighting of two cut and cover bridges. 

The challenges with a project this large included providing economical temporary lighting, coordination with multiple stages of construction for multiple contracts, and providing lighting where conventional freeway lighting was not suitable.  The latter was solved by using a tunnel type fixture (Probeam) with a new type DOT pole.