Burlington Landfill


Kapur was contracted by the City of Burlington and Commercial Horizons, Inc. (Developer) to perform the following tasks for the Burlington Landfill: Kohl’s/Pick-N-save Development project:

  • Prepared a Plan Modification for landfill waste excavation, gas extraction system relocation and transfer of land to private developer
  • Coordinated all activities associated with the Plan Modification Approval including site meetings and correspondence with the WDNR, commercial developer, and City representatives
  • Conducted initial baseline subsurface (test pit) investigation activities determining waste mass depth, type, and volume
  • Monitored geotechnical drilling activities for structural engineering design of buildings
  • Provided oversight for excavation and relocation activities of over 32,500 cubic yards of waste
  • Initiated a recycling program that recovered four 30 yard roll-off boxes containing rubber tires and one containing scrap metal (car frames, appliances etc.) removed from the excavated waste mass taken for recycling
  • Oversaw the installation of approved Geo-Synthetic Liner to prevent gas migration from existing landfill to development project
  • Performed daily inspection of the waste mass relocation berm (over 4 acres in area) including: erosion and sediment control measures, waste clay liner and cover material, and final grading
  • Monitored the abandonment of a 440 foot section of the gas system and facilitated the relocation and installation of an additional 510 foot segment to the onsite gas extraction system per WAC ch. NR 516
  • Performed initial start-up and calibration of gas extraction system
  • Prepared and submitted Update Report for construction activities associated with the project