Oregon Lofts Redevelopment


Kapur was contracted to perform a Phase I ESA of the property, the findings of which revealed the site was originally developed in 1910 as part of the Patton Plate Glass Company (PPG) (235 East Pittsburgh Avenue), and subsequently as the paint and varnish division of PPG the property being used for manufacturing and warehousing grains as well as manufactured paint and solvent products until approximately 1970. Historical records also indicated that between 1958 and 1969 the site was used for storing bulk petroleum products. Hydrite Chemical Co. occupied the subject property from 1982 to approximately 1993, when the property was vacated.

Based upon the Phase I ESA findings and identified Recognized Environmental Conditions, Kapur completed a Targeted Phase II ESA that subsequently lead into completing an NR 716 Environmental Site Investigation that included installation of soil borings, groundwater monitoring wells, and implementation of a sampling plan of the soils and groundwater to delineate the extent and magnitude of contamination located on-site associated with former operations and the potential impact to and from adjacent properties.  Remedial Excavation Activities were also completed during onsite construction of the service ramp leading to the subgrade parking lot.  Due to the identified contaminant impacts onsite and the future use of the reconstructed building as residential lofts, Kapur conducted a Sub-slab vapor intrusion study including installation and testing of multiple vapor test ports.  Vapor testing resulted in the requirement to install a sub-slab depressurization system (SSDS) for vapor mitigation. Prior to and after the system was operational, sub-slab communication testing was performed to record and document the systems functionality and to verify operation at peak performance.  The site currently is undergoing additional near surface soil profiling and testing along with further groundwater monitoring.

The subject property is currently improved with a five-story precast concrete warehouse building, with full basement (parking garage), consisting of approximately 82,500 square feet redeveloped into residential lofts. An asphalt parking lot adjoins the building to the east, with an access drive to the north. Redevelopment activities were completed in 2015.