City of Lake Geneva


Being a new consultant to the City, before we even began working for Lake Geneva, we provided a complete analysis of the existing GIS structure and the workflows the City was utilizing. By upgrading the City to the latest software and providing a server based solution, we were able to streamline the GIS system and minimize licensing challenges facing the City.

This new GIS is a mobile friendly solution that allows our staff to build tools needed for the City such as customized projects, search areas, input fields, geolocation, and document upload and download.

We now provide workflows for the Lake Geneva Forestry department to maintain a tree inventory database, as well as for the public works department to upload documentation related to water services directly to associated parcels on their interactive GIS. Through the GIS, we also provide the city with the ability to edit their own building inspection and planning data online, with the additional ability to upload site relevant documents. As we continue to work with the City we expect to continue the growth of this GIS to all departments, and look to provide each group with robust tools allowing them to fully utilize the information at hand.