NEW Western Lateral


Kapur & Associates is providing GIS services for three separate pipeline routes that comprise the New Western Lateral, a total of 110 miles of pipeline in Wisconsin. The three Lateral projects include the North West Capacity Project, the Blair Lateral Project, and the Sparta Lateral Project.

The Scope for these projects is to obtain 600’ wide corridors that will include Aerial photography, 1’ contour maps, utility locates, and Right of Way boundary work. Survey and design work will begin in 2015, and construction will take place from 2016 to 2019.

Kapur & Associates, Inc. was responsible for organization of project related data into a GIS, and analysis of derived data to assist We Energies as needed.

We were also responsible for development of a mobile application allowing surveyors to pinpoint their location in the field amongst other project related GIS data - particularly highlighting both participating and non-participating properties, in order for surveyors in the field to know which properties they were allowed access.

Kapur developed a website enabling staff to upload easement exhibits online to be viewed by project team, who could upload their own marked up documents with notes for updates to Kapur staff. The developed workflows allowed team to visually inspect percentage of easement exhibit upload completion.