City of Burlington


Kapur & Associates collected data to rebuild an old and rudimentary GIS.  Focusing on very comprehensive tree inventory and pavement marking systems, Kapur was able to build a mobile friendly site that allows City staff to update these municipal assets.  The mobile tools we created allow geolocating for easy map placement, and include forms and note areas that provide a complete package as City staff update these assets.  The newly designed site also includes the latest orthophotos, existing topography, street labels, waterways, and the sanitary sewer system.  We are currently involved in a project in coordination with the city that will allow the collection of storm system data in a disconnected environment in the field and have the results shown immediately upon reconnecting to the network via WiFi through the use of the GeoCortex Mobile App Framework.

This GIS has been a valuable tool to provide a means of communication with residents and business owners that are affected by the sanitary sewer program and other infrastructure improvements in the City of Burlington. It has also been a vital method of communication between our design team and the City.

Since Kapur is involved with several different ongoing municipal and environmental projects in the City, it is important that we have as much public involvement as possible and encourage residents to be involved and voice their opinions about the City improvements.