West Central Lateral


Kapur & Associates, Inc. was responsible for organization of project related data into a GIS, and analysis of derived data to assist We Energies as needed.

Also responsible for development of a mobile application allowing surveyors to pinpoint their location in the field amongst other project related GIS data—particularly highlighting both participating and non-participating properties, in order for surveyors in the field to know which properties they were allowed access.

Kapur developed a website allowing staff to upload easement exhibits online to be viewed by project team, who could upload their own marked up documents with notes for updates to Kapur staff.  The developed workflows allowed team to visually inspect percentage of easement exhibit upload completion.

Also responsible for creating, as part of the online GIS, a dataset that identified property owners who had granted or denied the voluntary option for WE Energies to use their property as part of final pipeline alignment, that was updated regularly for We Energies reference use.

Delivered a a series of overview maps displaying the entire range of impacted parcels on the project along with the location of the final pipeline alignment at 100 and 500 scale.

Data collection and analysis was completed using ArcGIS Desktop Version 10.2.2, and web development was completed using ArcGIS Server Version 10.2.2, ArcGIS Online, and GeoCortex Essentials Version 3.15.

Dan Kucza, P.L.S. - Project Manager
Matt O’Rourke, P.L.S. - Project Surveyor
Devin Webb - Survey Crew Chief
Brad Thomann - GIS Specialist
Mike Scott - GIS Specialist

Project Team: