City of Burlington


Since we began providing services to the City of Burlington in 1998, we have delivered more than 400 task orders and projects covering with a wide range of services including municipal planning, grant assistance, ordinance assistance, developer reviews, roadway design, structural design, traffic design, construction management, inspection, and environmental projects. 

As a proactive smart growth community moderately close to the metropolitan area, it is easy to understand why Burlington has become a tremendously attractive location for industrial, residential, and commercial developments. With below average taxes and service rates, and the ability for businesses and residents to access the City from all directions because of the Burlington Bypass, the City of Burlington is poised for continued growth.

Kapur has had a stabilizing influence on the City over the past 15+ years as we have aided multiple mayors, administrators, and City boards with development and redevelopment decisions, maintaining and building strong relationships with quality developers, and pinpointing ways the City can function more efficiently as we direct consumers and visitors to key locations downtown. As a true member of the Burlington community, Kapur staff members have delivered projects that improve the standard of living for the existing residents, industry, and retail members of the community by providing proactive, financially sound infrastructure solutions as we continue to create a great community to live, work and play. Thank you Burlington for allowing us to be a partner in your growth.