City of Lake Geneva


Kapur and Associates currently serves as the City Engineer for the City of Lake Geneva. Lake Geneva is a resort municipality located southwest of Milwaukee, close to the Illinois-Wisconsin border. The City, with it Lake influence, and its downtown business district, is a major tourist attraction. Drawing a large of amount of seasonal residents from the Metropolitan Chicago area. The populations of the City nearly triples during the summer months.  This provides some unique challenges to the City and dictates how some of the services have to be provide. The City has a separate Utility District to provide water and sewer services to the City, and Kapur and Associates also serves as the district engineer for the Utility District.

Currently we a completing a expansion to the Wastewater Treatment Plant. The project included  installing a wastewater digester and storage tank to the plant. The City has a zero discharge Sewage Treatment Plant. All the effluent from the plant is transported to large percolation and evaporation lagoons, and no water is released into the White River.

Scheduling is a major factor in provide the construction and repair projects to not disrupt the City during its major tourist season. We also provide Engineering Services for the road and street systems in the City, and we also assist the City in the planning and review process.

We take great pride in providing our engineering and surveying expertise to this valuable Wisconsin resource.