City of Milwaukee


After delivering several projects to the City of Milwaukee in the early 1990’s, Kapur & Associates was offered the opportunity to perform survey for several small City projects in 2008. Because of our rapid turnaround of control and data, and our efforts to quickly blossom a relationship with the City, we decided to seek a Master Contract to provide a full range of engineering and survey services. In 2009, Kapur was pleased to receive a Master Contract with the City, and we were subsequently awarded several roadway projects we delivered from 2010-2012 including North Avenue, Keefe Avenue, as well as the Winnebago Avenue reconstruction and Roundabout connection to the Brewery development.

Shortly thereafter, Kapur was awarded eight Public Liaison projects for street improvements being designed by City staff. Our role included public outreach and  involvement, and the creation of communication materials to assist City staff in connection with residents. These efforts were targeted to ensure local businesses and residents were aware of the roadway construction projects that may affect their areas. During this period we were also awarded construction management of the West Mill Road reconstruction project, delivering services to yet another group of City staff.

Since then, we have designed a variety of municipal garage and roadway projects including Granville Road, 8 local streets needing rehabilitation as part of the Zoo Interchange Local Roads project, and design for the reconstruction of Teutonia Avenue.