City of Plymouth


Kapur staff have been providing engineering consulting services to the City of Plymouth for over 35 years. Several employees who originally worked on the first projects with the City are still actively designing and managing projects for Kapur. Moreover, Ramesh Kapur remains a City resident and numerous employees who have grown up in Plymouth have been given opportunities to begin their engineering careers at Kapur.

Maintaining a connection to the community is critical to our success in Plymouth. Developing a professional and experienced staff dedicated to the success of City projects is eased by the ownership inherent in having local people deliver local projects. Our goal is to provide guidance, input, and solutions to the challenges municipalities face every day.

We do this by assisting the City with planning efforts, understanding the community and delivering “right-sized” designs, and consistently providing honest and open communication with residents and City staff. Our local professionals continue to deliver a wide variety of projects and provide a "hands on" approach both in design and construction management.