SilveR Creek Relocation, Sheboygan County


Sheboygan County needed to replace an aging bridge built in 1948 located off of CTH DE in the rural Town of Sherman. The County retained Kapur & Associates to provide full-service consulting engineering services for the project. During the project, stakeholders realized it would also be of great benefit to also restore a portion of Silver Creek which had been relocated during the 1948 bridge construction. Kapur worked with the County, DNR and ACOE to return to the stream to its original location creating a more naturalized streambank and stream gradient utilizing biostabilization methods.

Kapur completed various ecological assessments including wetland evaluation, hydraulic study and fisheries habitat assessment to balance natural science with engineering solutions. Immediate habitat improvements were noted along this corridor upon construction completion. This bridge replacement project became not just a structural roadway improvement project but also a means of improving this natural resource corridor. The project engineering, survey, utility re-alignment, project agency permitting including WPDES General Permit, Wetland Permitting, Chapter 30 Bridge Replacement and Grading Permitting, and High Capacity Dewatering Permitting was coordinated in a timely manner to the satisfaction of the client and surrounding community.