Miller Park WPDES


Community WPDES Permit Compliance is accomplished by having a thorough working knowledge of NR216 and NR151 (Wis. Adm. Code) and Ch. 283 (Wis. Stats.). Adequate communication with the project stakeholders, the surrounding community and the WDNR is key to meeting WPDES Permit Compliance.

Services Provided:

  • Great Working Relationship with WDNR and Communities
  • Innovative and Effective Ideas for Public Education, Outreach and Involvement
  • Provision of SLAMM and P8 Analysis
  • Storm Sewer Mapping
  • Illicit Discharge Monitoring and Analysis
  • Erosion Control and Storm Water Inspection by Certified Staff
  • Creation of Erosion Control and Storm Water Ordinances
  • Completion of Thorough Annual Reports
  • Storm Water Pond Certification
  • Analysis for Additional Total Suspended Solid Removal
  • Provision of In-house Client Training
  •  Acquiring State Grant Funds to Help Offset Permit Compliance