WIS 167 Transportation Planning Study


Kapur & Associates led efforts for this 5-mile long east/west corridor expansion study in Washington and Ozaukee Counties.  The project followed the NEPA process to study effects of corridor expansion in this economically vibrant area of Germantown and Mequon, Wisconsin.

This project was selected for study based on linkage to other managed roadways, growing traffic demands, the need for route efficiency, safety improvements, and access management.

Our conceptual design analyzed alternatives including no-build, expansion to the south, expansion to the north, expansion from centerline, and targeted expansion to reduce impacts. The preferred alternative ultimately met the purpose and need of the project and reduced impacts by utilizing urban and rural cross sectional elements with a varying median width and a meandering alignment to avoid key resources.

The preliminary design goal was to provide a functional plan set for the proposed four lane divided roadway that addressed relocations, right-of-way issues, stormwater management, intersection analysis, traffic analysis, construction staging, alignment, and profile. Our 30% plan met and exceeded these expectations, and fully supported the environmental document.