Glacier Hills Wind Park


Glacier Hills Wind Park is a We Energies project that includes 90 wind turbines in a 7,500 acre project area servicing approximately 45,000 homes. The Glacier Hills Wind Park is located in the towns of Randolph and Scott in Columbia County.

As a design build project, Kapur worked in conjunction with Edgerton Contractors, Boldt Construction, and Michels Corporation. Kapur provided a Project based GIS System that provides individual turbine and access road information. The site ended up being a valuable tool as the buffer zone between turbines and dwellings on non-participating lands changed in the midst of project approval. Within hours Kapur analyzed the new constraints and provided alternatives to We Energies enabling the owner to maintain the full project size of 90 wind turbines and meet the new requirements for approval.

The site has also been an invaluable asset for plan distribution in this fast tracked design build project where design adjustments where being completed daily on the fly. Every turbine and access road is linked to our FTP site where all revisions of the plan for that asset can be accessed at any time.