Kaukauna Gas Main Replacement


The Kaukauna gas main replacement project is a We Energies betterment of system project located in the City of Kaukauna, Outagamie County with construction projected to start in Spring 2016. The project entails replacing the existing 2, 4, and 6” threaded wrapped steel gas main from the early 1960s located in the alleys with 41,000’ of new 2, 4, and 6” polyethylene gas main. The design consists of directional boring all the new gas mains into the road right of way and in most cases designing gas mains on both sides of the road right-way to avoid digging in the street. The project was designed in four phases to allow We Energies flexibility from both a budget and manpower stand point.

Kapur & Associates provided the design of the new gas facilities, taking into account other utilities in the area based on field locates and other documentation provided from by the utilities. Kapur & Associates coordinated with We Energies and the City of Kaukauna Engineering Department, to best serve all stake holders. Our experienced design staff was able to provide We Energies planning engineers with suggestions during the design process that provided a better design as well as being more cost effective. Kapur created an emergency action plan for phase construction and provided all the necessary construction procedures to tie-in all the new gas facilities and abandon all the existing gas facilities. 

Services provided:

  • Construction documents
  • Gas main replacement/retirement
  • Emergency Action Plan (Valve control procedure)
  • Detailed construction procedures
  • Utility coordination