Milwaukee County DPW Improvements


The Milwaukee County DPW Improvements project was recently completed, as part of the surrounding Zoo Interchange. This breakout project featured a 150' diameter salt storage dome with capacity for 20,000 tons of salt. A conveyor and loading pit were included to move material into the dome. The site facilities project included design, plan preparation, specifications, and a cost estimate for two storage buildings measuring 8,400 SF and 19,600 SF in size, a Salt Brine Building measuring 888 SF in size, and 12 outdoor reinforced concrete storage bins comprising a total area of 9,060 SF. In addition, the project also constructs a 238 stall park and ride lot located on the northwest corner of the Watertown Plank Road and Swan Boulevard intersection.

The project involved extensive coordination between the design team, the Milwaukee County DPW and equipment suppliers for salt brine equipment and scales. Kapur staff prepared sample boards and obtained building approvals from the City of Wauwatosa Design Review Board and the State of Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services. The Kapur team also prepared electrical plans for the buildings, street lighting plans for the park and ride lot and DPW yard, landscaping plans, decorative fencing details, and plans for a water main relay and extending service laterals to the buildings.