Miller Park ALTA Survey


Kapur has a long history and extensive experience with the District at the Miller Park site, which provided the opportunity to prepare an ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey and an Assessor’s Plat. The ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey Project Scope included the following:

  • Boundary resolution of a 77-acre Major League Baseball facility including Miller Park, parking areas, adjoining interstate freeway interchange, and the Menomonee River.
  • Description and mapping of 10 separate areas comprising the total site.
  • 40 existing easements' status determined for retention or abandonment.
  •  Coordination of existing utility locations with the City of Milwaukee determining prescribed rights and easement location.
  • New utility easements placement and coordination: WE Energies (electric and gas); Ameritech; Milwaukee Water Works.
  • Rights of way resolution of Miller Parkway and I94 and vacation/dedicated of streets inside Miller Park grounds described from existing pavement and alignments: Selig Drive, Fred. Miller Way, 44th Street sidewalk.
  • Historic easements, freeway and rail right of way and protected geophysical feature location (prehistoric reef-bluff, southwest of Miller Park).
  • Description and mapping of lands to be traded between State of Wisconsin and CMC Heartland Partners to complete east parking lot parcel.
  • Encroachments along north I-94 right of way and Stadium Northwest and Northeast parking lots.

Also included:

  • Road Agreement Vacations
  • Utility Locates / Easements
  • Right of Way Resolution
  • Historic Easements
  • Land Swap Resolution
  • Encroachment Resolution
  • MMSD Facilities and Leases