Pennsylvania Rapid Bridge Replacement

PN Bundled Bridges.jpg

As the first P3 project in the State of Pennsylvania, Kapur has been hired by the Plenary / Walsh Joint Venture in their effort to deliver construction of 558 bridges over the 48-month contract. This $1.82 billion project is expected to save roughly $70 million per year and reduce bridge construction time to about 30% of the traditional bidding process. 

Bridges were selected statewide using the criteria of being structurally deficient, having minimal environmental and Right of Way acquisition impacts, and ready for construction in near future. 

Kapur has been involved since early November 2014, when we started advising on the scope of the survey needs for the project. We are providing Design Survey services including Mobile LiDAR, Static LiDAR and conventional topographic surveys including Hydraulic and Hydrology studies, Right of Way acquisition support, and Construction staking.

Kapur field services began with the establishment of control and acquisition of Mobile LiDAR data in late December 2015. Follow up conventional design surveys started in March of 2015, finishing up in fall of 2015.

During the 2015 construction season, 77 bridges were constructed in the Northeast and Southeast regions of the state. During the 2016 construction season, another 252 bridges will be constructed, followed by the remaining 229 bridges in 2017 construction season.