Zoo Interchange


Design of six alternatives for 9.0 miles of freeway reconstruction and approximately 12.0 miles of local street reconstruction in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin.  Final Design also includes improvements to critical local roadways while minimizing the costs and impacts.

  • Core: four level system interchange
  • Six service interchanges: North Avenue, Watertown Plank Road, Bluemound Road, 84th Street, WIS 100, Greenfield Avenue
  • Major roadways: WIS 100, Watertown Plank Road, Glenview Avenue

Kapur tasks include preliminary and final design of 10 bridges and 15 retaining walls. The structure design involves complex structure geometry to mitigate freeway geometry and existing conditions.  Bridges are designed of variable and multiple spans and to adhere to Zoo aesthetics requirements. MSE and post and panel wall types were designed to fit site-specific conditions and the proposed various construction sequencing.  Kapur structures staff are involved in extensive multi-discipline coordination that the concurrent design of Zoo interchange demands. That includes coordination with roadway design, local roadway and freeway drainage, utilities, construction staging, and electrical design. 

The utility construction of the Zoo Interchange local arterials is underway on WIS 100, Watertown Plank Road and Greenfield Avenue.  Kapur was design lead on each of these local road expansions, and provided utility coordination services following the Trans 220 process.

The selected alternative improves safety and efficiency on adjacent roadways including Highway 100, Bluemound Road, Watertown Plank Road and Glenview Avenue/84th Street, and provides a cost effective solution for additional lanes in the east/west direction if needed in the future.  The design is responsive to input received since the beginning of the corridor study in 2007. Public input has been essential to the development and refinement of design alternatives. It also provides efficient movement for existing and future traffic at the Watertown Plank Road interchange. Watertown Plank Road carries much of the traffic for the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center (the Level One trauma center serving eastern Wisconsin), the Milwaukee County Research Park, and will facilitate travel to the future UWM facilities.