Burlington Well No. 10


Design of a Radium Treatment System: After receiving a consent order from the WDNR to reduce the level of Radium in the city’s drinking water. Kapur & Associates, Inc.’s (Kapur) was retained to study the treatment systems available and recommend the system best suited for the water chemistry at the existing Well no. 9 and Well no. 10.

The study found the HMO radium treatment system to be the most cost effective system.

After confirming with the WDNR for allowable radium level standards and reviewing the radium Levels at Wells 9 and 10, it was determined that a bypass would be allowed for both treatment systems which reduced the footprint of the buildings, the backwash tanks, energy consumption and chemical usage by 30% saving the city over a million dollars.

This project required two new building designs one for a high end subdivision and one 1960’s retro style to match the existing well building built in that era. Artist renderings were completed and presented at a public meeting for approval. Plans and specifications were completed for the structural, architectural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing and site work for the new Radium Treatment System for Well no. 9 and Well no. 10 in the City of Burlington, Wisconsin. 

The project was bid with two major treatment equipment suppliers competing for the project, Layne and Tanka, with Tanka wining the bid, the project was completed and both are running good with Radium Levels at approximately 3.5 pCi/l.

Services Provided:

  • Field Survey
  • Artist renderings
  • Architectural
  • Structural
  • Mechanical
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Agency Coordination
  • Utility Coordination